Looking young. That seems to be what so many beautiful people seem to be searching for. The ability to look unaffected by the passage of time. Wrinkle free faces. First, there was plastic surgery Now there is Botox. Where a toxin is injected into your face to paralyze your facial muscles, to erase the lines on your face.

Time is relentless. You get older every year. Your face and your body will age. But you can age beautifully. If you keep fit, exercise and watch your diet, your body can still be svelte late in life. It would get harder with time, but with enough discipline and effort, you can still keep your figure.

It is harder when it comes to your skin. Sure, there is Botox and plastic surgery. An alternative you can turn to when nothing else works. Until then, there are less invasive, needle free means to erase wrinkles, or at very least to appear younger than you really are.


Rather than stick to a conservative hairstyle, go for a younger, more carefree look. You’ll look years younger that way. It can be as simple as a change from a conservative side part to a younger, carefree center part. Or you can visit your hairdresser for a younger makeover.


Finally, the lighting you appear in can make you look older or younger than you really are. In harsh bright, unflattering light, you could look years younger. In soft, gentle, flattering light, you look younger. Everyone looks better by candle light. Installing light dimmers, on every light in your home allows you to look younger at home.


When all else fails, cheat. Use a makeup primer after your moisturizer to fill in all the lines on your face. Then apply makeup in a color that matches your skin tone exactly, over the primer for that flawless look. You might want to mix 2 makeup colors together for that ideal shade.


Fragrance gives an impression in the real estate business

A young vibe makes you appear younger. A young fragrance makes you seem much younger than you really are. In a study, women who wore scents with pink grapefruit notes appeared, on average, 6 years younger than their actual age according to the men who were surveyed .Some of the best female fragrances can do the right job.

Author: Leslie Mitchell